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Select a Model Series

Low-Profile Modular
Model Series Ice Production
KML-250M_H Up to 314 lbs/24 hours
KML-351M_H Up to 345 lbs/24 hours
KML-451M_H Up to 429 lbs/24 hours
KML-631M_H Up to 636 lbs/24 hours
Marine Series
Model Series Ice Production
KM-1400SWH-M3 Up to 1343 lbs/24 hours
KM-1400SWH-M Up to 1370 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KMD-410M_H Up to 440 lbs/24 hours
KMD-450M_H Up to 460 lbs/24 hours
KMD-850M_H Up to 785 lbs/24 hours
KMD-901M_H Up to 876 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KM-61BAH Up to 71 lbs/24 hours
KM-101BAH Up to 115 lbs/24 hours
KM-151B_H Up to 146 lbs/24 hours
KM-201B_H Up to 215 lbs/24 hours
KM-260B_H Up to 268 lbs/24 hours
Serenity Series
Model Series Ice Production
KMS-830MLH Up to 820 lbs/24 hours
KMS-822MLH Up to 839 lbs/24 hours
KMS-1122MLH Up to 1120 lbs/24 hours
KMS-1401MLJ Up to 1420 lbs/24 hours
KMS-2000MLH Up to 1910 lbs/24 hours
Slim-Line Modular
Model Series Ice Production
KM-320M_H Up to 351 lbs/24 hours
KM-320M_H Up to 352 lbs/24 hours
KM-515M_H Up to 527 lbs/24 hours
KM-600M_H Up to 592 lbs/24 hours
KM-650M_H Up to 661 lbs/24 hours
KM-901M_H3 Up to 899 lbs/24 hours
KM-901M_H Up to 928 lbs/24 hours
KM-1340M_H Up to 1401 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601M_H3 Up to 1486 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601M_H Up to 1493 lbs/24 hours
Slim-Line Modular - 50Hz Electrical
Model Series Ice Production
KM-320MAH-E Up to 133 kg/24 hours
KM-515MAH-E Up to 233 kg/24 hours
KM-650MAH-E Up to 296 kg/24 hours
KM-901M_H50 Up to 402 kg/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KM-1301S_H3 Up to 1339 lbs/24 hours
KM-1301S_H Up to 1353 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601S_H Up to 1523 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601S_H3 Up to 1565 lbs/24 hours
KM-1900S_H Up to 1859 lbs/24 hours
KM-1900S_H3 Up to 1903 lbs/24 hours
KMH-2000S_H3 Up to 1929 lbs/24 hours
KMH-2000S_H Up to 1944 lbs/24 hours
KM-2100S_H3 Up to 2096 lbs/24 hours
KM-2500S_H3 Up to 2424 lbs/24 hours
Stackable - 50Hz Electrical
Model Series Ice Production
KM-1301S_H-E Up to 505 kg/24 hours
Stackable - Square Cube
Model Series Ice Production
IM-500SAA Up to 500 lbs/24 hours
Tamper Proof Models
Model Series Ice Production
KM-515M_H-P Up to 527 lbs/24 hours
KM-901M_H-P Up to 928 lbs/24 hours
KM-1301S_H-P Up to 1329 lbs/24 hours
KM-1900S_H-P Up to 1876 lbs/24 hours

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